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  • Paul Clifton

Top 10 excuses for not filing Tax Credits forms on time

We thought that you may like an amusing look at what H M Revenue and Customs has just published as the 'Top 10' excuses for its 'customers' for not filing their Tax Credits renewal forms on time.

Last year more than 650,000 failed to renew on time. If you are one of them, then you should have filed your tax claim by 31 July 2014 or your benefit payments may stop. This year, for the first time, claimants can renew online, at GOV.UK, as well as being able to renew by post and phone. These are all genuine excuses given by claimants to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for missing the deadline. Enjoy!!

1. I didn’t need the money because I’d met a rich bloke, but he dumped me

2. My mum usually does this for me

3. The form was locked in the boot of my car, and then my car caught fire

4. My baby used the paperwork as a colouring book

5. My dog ate the form

6. I got confused with the 31 January Self Assessment deadline

7. I booked the last two weeks of July for a holiday and forgot all about it

8. I’ve been in hospital but am feeling much better now

9. I was unable to get income details from my employers in time

10. I thought I’d already renewed

I think that a few of the above are quite fair and HMRC should allow them. I just wonder how many of them were actually accepted.

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