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Proving your identity

A firm of Leeds Accountants that takes your privacy and data security seriously

We need you to provide proof of your identity when you become a client of the firm. You need to do this before we are able to start any work or provide any advice to you, your business or your limited company. 

Generally, you will need to provide us with your original current passport and photo driving licence in order to prove your identity.  You also need to provide proof of your current home address.

The above is a legal and professional requirement under Money Laundering Regulations (*)

We also need to complete the same type of identity checks on any shareholder that holds more than 25% of the shares in a limited company who wants to use our services and also for any director actively involved in the management of the company. 

One document from each of the following lists should be provided, as an absolute minimum, to prove your identity and home address. Where we do not meet you in person then we would ask for at least two forms of proof of identity and two forms of proof of your home address.

Proof of identity

  • Current signed EU/EEA passport

  • Current UK photo driving licence

  • Current UK driving licence (old style paper)

  • Current EU/UK identity card

  • Current signed passports, with UK Visa

  • HMRC Tax Notification (#)

  • Biometric Residence Permit

  • Blue disabled drivers pass

  • State Benefits entitlement letter

  • UK Armed Forces, Police or University Student ID

  • Home Office Immigration Status Document

  • Home Office Application Registration Card

  • Firearms or shotgun certificate

​Proof of address

  • Current EU/EEA passport

  • Current photo driving licence

  • Benefits entitlement letter

  • HMRC Tax Notification

  • Current council tax bill

  • Recent utility bill (e.g. gas or landline phone bill (not mobile)

  • Bank or building society statement

  • Mortgage statement

  • Credit card statement

  • Home or Motor Insurance certificate or policy

  • Tenancy agreement by a solicitor, housing association or council.

  • Vehicle Registration document (V5)

  • Current vehicle licence renewal (V11)

(#) H M Revenue & Customs Self Assessment tax calculation (SA302), Self Assessment statement of account or notice of coding.  We cannot accept Form P60 or Form P45 as they are not issued by HMRC, but by an employer.

Important note regarding acceptable documents:

  • The same document cannot be used for both proof of identity and proof of address.

  • Each document must be provided by a different company, bank, business or source.

  • All documents must be the most recent ones. We cannot accept expired documents.

  • Documents used for proof of address should show your full name and current home address.

  • We can accept statements printed from your online banking, including emailed original download from online banking.

  • We reserve the right to obtain additional identification and address verification documents if required.

  • At times we can accept officially certified copies. Please ask for further details.


(*) Money Laundering Regulations refer to The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, The Terrorism Acts, Money Laundering Regulations 2017 and The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017.


In accordance with Money Laundering Regulations, clients must agree to waive their right to confidentiality to the extent of any report made, document provided or information disclosed to the National Crime Agency.

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