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Company Formation Services


Why use All Paul Limited to form your new limited company?

There are many reasons why businesses choose to incorporate and trade as a limited company, rather than as a sole trader or a partnership for example. Paying less tax, gaining limited liability status and increasing your businesses credibility are the main three reasons.


When you set up a new business as a limited company, or convert an existing business into one, the formation of the actual company is only the first step. You also need to register it with HMRC for business taxes e.g. Corporation Tax, VAT and PAYE.


You also should consider protecting the identity of the new company and its director. There are simple, but effective, free anti-fraud measures that you should elect to use at Companies House. We have never seen this set up as standard by a company formation agent.


Even for ‘one-person’ companies there can be sound business reasons to voluntarily set up and run a payroll scheme and register for VAT. These are the sort of matters that all new companies should be considering. Unfortunately, a company formation agency will not consider, yet alone offer, these services.


As leading Chartered Certified Accountants in Leeds, we will consider these matters as standard when we take on a new client and deal with the formation of a company. It is better to set the foundations of the business structure before you start building…. and forming a company.


I want to form my own limited company online now

If you know what you want, and just want to go ahead and form a new limited company, then use our new E-Formation service. This is the cheapest way to form a UK company.


Our company formation packages are ideal for those people who are just looking to form a limited company without any additional extras. They are also suitable for people looking to set up and reserve a company name for future use or to register a trading name.


You can register your own company in 4 simple steps. The whole process only takes around 10 minutes.

+ Search for name     + Select the company      + Pay for it      + Complete

We offer many easy formation plans.  Select the perfect package for you.  No hidden charges.

Formation documents

What documents will I receive on the formation of a limited company?

The Certificate of Incorporation


The Certificate of Incorporation is the company's birth certificate. It is the legal document that shows that you have formed and registered your limited company at Companies House. It will show your company's full name, incorporation date and company registration number.


You may be required to show the Certificate from time to time e.g. when opening a new bank account.


A lot of companies display their Certificate of Incorporation on Companies House official approved paper at their business premises. This gives customers, suppliers and employees a level of comfort, proving that your company is a legal trading entity. When you use us to form your company, you will receive your Certificate electronically in PDF format. If you use our Executive or Professional formation packages, then you will receive an official printed copy to display at your office or business premises.

Memorandum and Articles of Association


These two documents together show your company's shareholders and the responsibilities of the directors.


The Memorandum contains a statement made by each of the original shareholders, or shareholder if there is only one, confirming that they wish to form and become a member of a company.


The Articles of Association provide a set of standard rules on how the internal regulations of the company must be administered e.g. regarding meetings, directors, shareholder, decision making and payment of dividends. They are essentially a set of terms and conditions for your company.


Our company formation service provides you with a set of electronic Memorandum and Articles of Association approved by Companies House.


However, most people choose to have a printed and bound copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association sent to them for compliance purposes. A printed copy can easily be given to a business contact e.g. your bank manager when opening a bank account. We provide this as part of our Professional package.

(*) This is not a guaranteed same day incorporation service. It is dependent on demand at Companies House. However, it normally only takes a day or two to form a new limited company. You can pay extra for a same day incorporation service.


Our online service provides the initial digital documents, in PDF format, for a new limited company including the Certificate of Incorporation, the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and Share Certificates, all emailed directly to your inbox.

I need advice in setting up a new limited company

We recognise that new clients are rarely aware of their options and generally find the process of company formation complex and daunting.  First and foremost, we are accountants who provide advice. Secondly, we help clients wanting to set up a new limited company.

We have years of experience when it comes to forming limited companies for smaller businesses. We are happy to meet with you, discuss your requirements and answer any questions.  We hope that after your company has been formed, you will use us as your accountants and advisors.

​We will check whether your chosen company name is available. We will also advise and ensure that the initial share capital, shareholding and types of shares are set up in the most appropriate way to suit your circumstances and to ensure tax efficiency.


Once we have your agreement, we will create a new, ready to use limited company in a day or two. Thereafter, we will help and guide you, like all our clients, and be on hand to provide day-to-day assistance to manage your accounting, business and taxation.


As a guide, we charge £250 + VAT for existing clients wanting a more proactive and traditional face-to-face support service.  This includes a full set of digital documents emailed directly to you. Bound copies can be provided for an additional charge.

Share Certificates


A share certificate is the legal document that confirms the number of shares that you own in a company. You may be required to show your Share Certificate when opening a bank account or if you change your company's details. You will receive an electronic copy in PDF format for each shareholder in your new company. You may also wish to purchase official printed Certificates to give to each shareholder to prove their ownership in the new company.

Company Register


Under the Companies Act 2006, you are legally required to keep and maintain a set of records as a registered UK company.


This set of documents is known as your Company Register. It is also known as the Statutory Books or Statutory Registers of the company due to how companies used to maintain these Registers in the past. It will include a Register of Applications and Allotments, Register of Transfers, Register of Directors, Registers of Directors' Interests, Register of Members as well as a Register of Charges over the company's assets. It will also include the new Register of Persons of Significant Control that came into force on 6 April 2016.

What documents will I receive on the formation of a limited company?

Certificate of Incorporation
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Share Certificate
Company Register

Form CT41G


Once a new company in the UK is created at Companies House, HMRC will automatically send a letter to the Registered Office address of the company. This letter is known as a Form CT41G. The information you need to give HMRC about your company. CT41G shows a company's 10-digit Unique Tax Reference number (UTR). The HMRC office that deals with the company’s tax affairs is also shown. HMRC need to know when a company becomes active and when it intends to prepare its first Financial Statements.

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